It's All Opinion Podcast | Ep. 9 - featuring Denzel Rodgers

It's All Opinion Podcast | Ep. 9 - featuring Denzel Rodgers


YO! What's good everyone?! Check out my guest appearance on the It's All Opinion Podcast Episode 9 on Old Milk Media with my guy Nate Spurlin!


Throughout the episode we discuss podcasting, my hatred for the New York Yankees, hot takes for the upcoming NFL season, and more!


Nate Spurlin founded Oldmilktheblog, (the first version of OldMilk.Co) in May 2018. Rebranded as Oldmlk.Com in October of the same year, Spurlin’s vision began to form, providing a place for quality Hip-Hop album articles and playlists. As the vision continued to evolve, OldMilk launched two podcasts, The Cap dedicated to discussing the latest Hip-Hop music and It’s All Opinion for interviewing guests in a conversational format. Now with the next phase of Spurlin’s ever-evolving vision, OldMilk will evolve with it, as it continues to be an outlet for Spurlin’s creativity.


Nate and I connected via a site called Podmatch and we first conversed when Nate appeared on Episode 101 "Fair & Balanced" of The Bronx Bias Podcast. He is a super opinionated individual, with takes hotter than a subway car in August with no AC! I appreciated our conversations across both of our platforms very much and I hope you guys do also! So check out both podcasts!


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Links for Episode 101 "Fair & Balanced" of The Bronx Bias Podcast below

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-Denzel Rodgers


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