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Life Lately. (this is fine)

Life Lately. (this is fine)

What's good everyone! 


It's been a minute huh? What y'all been up to? Good things I hope! Your BX homie has been busy! Being a podcast/radio host, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, AND college student is hectic! Truth is I'm tiiiiiiiiiired! But with all of these new projects, ventures, and opportunities, there are just as many updates!


This semester has bought forth so much new stuff. And "new" is good! New is very challenging, new is certainly stressful, but new is good! I have embarked on new film ventures, I have become more involved with St. Francis College's Terrier TV, and more involved with St. Francis College Radio. In this time, I, along with the amazing students at St. Francis College have created some amazing projects that I want to share with you all.


First, is Safety First! SAFETYYY!!! Safety First is a LIVE radio show on SFC Radio that airs Thursday's at 4pm during the college semester! This show is like our version of "The Breakfast Club" (no Envy) where we discuss pop culture, life, music, relationships, and EVERYTHING in between. This show has been such a joy to record and be apart of. Doing a live radio show has been a dream of mine for a really long time, even before I started The Bronx Bias Podcast and it is happening! It is a real team effort and working closely with the next generation of people is very rewarding. Young people are a REAL inspiration, I realize the value of being around young people, and I realize the value of being a positive older adult around them. They have bestowed upon me the nickname of "Uncle Denzel" which I accept fully! Haha! I am certainly in my uncle era, and "uncle" is certainly not a derogatory term. They have embraced me and accepted me and it's has been a real blessing. 



The biggest triumph I have had this semester is the work done with SFC's Terrier TV. We are really becoming a little production house in Downtown, Brooklyn. We have done everything from creating original shows, drafting scripts, organizing crew members, learning the technology, having production meetings, shooting inside and outside a studio, and livestreaming! The reason why TV has been such a triumph is because so many of these things we had to learn on the fly! We really had to "teach ourselves!" (inside joke) And our team is so fucking lit that we created and put out 18 original [film/television/streamed] projects in one semester! Make no mistake it surely was NOT all roses. There was more than a fair share of turmoil, I gotta be real, but the students really banded together and became a team, and to quote my guy Flight Reacts it is "So Inspirational!" The challenge of it and success we enjoyed had makes all of the bullshit worth it! This journey has challenged me to become a better communicator, a better leader, more patient, and it has made my chin hella strong! Trust we got hit with more haymakers than Errol Spence! But we didn't quit, we didn't waiver, and we stayed together! Our tenacity and perseverance ultimately culminated in Terrier TV winning the 2024 St. Francis College Academic Club of the Year! And believe me! This is only the beginning!



Overall, I have learned so many amazing things so far. I have seen the true value of hard work, patience, teamwork, sacrifice, and inner strength. We joke in our writer's room that we should make St. Francis College branded lemonade too because of how much adversity (or lemons) we faced. But adversity is needed to humble you, but it also can make you so much tougher and stronger. Kanye said it best "N-Now-Now that, that don't kill me, can only make me stronger!" And it's straight FACTS! 



Finally, and this is NOT an ad, but what Nike and Adidas have gotten correct is their slogans. "Just Do It" and "Impossible is Nothing." Again, FACTS. Once I truly realized that happiness is not a result but a choice I had to start choosing my happiness. I had to "Just Do It" with my podcast first and all the elements that come with that, and now with the return to college. Additionally, I had to and have to battle all the adversity within my life to see that "Impossible is Nothing." Anything is fucking possible! BELIEVE IT! 





this is fine...


Safety First LIVE Thursday's at 4PM on SFC Radio - also streaming on Spotify & Soundcloud


SFC's Terrier TV YouTube


The Subway Series Podcast






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