NFL Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Predictions

NFL Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Predictions

NFL Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Predictions



Lets recap the Week 2 games and my predictions and my records.



WEEK 2 Prediction Record- 9-7


“If I Was a Betting Man” Record 2-1


Season W-L Record 17-14-1



Week 2 Recap



KC vs LAC - KC

27-24- KC

I feel every AFC West divisional game will be great this season. In this game Patrick Mahomes was efficient, distributed the ball effectively to his receivers and avoided mistakes, and the KC defense stepped up and contributed. This was an another good win for Kansas City but this game was all about the Chargers. Although there is no such thing as a “moral victory” in pro sports, the Chargers are definitely winners of a moral victory from this game. Justin Herbert passed for 334 yards and 3 touchdowns but aside from the production on the field he won America’s hearts with his play. This man got crushed on a play and sustained a rib injury yet he didn’t fret or make excuses he stayed in and battled for his team. Major cool points on that one Justin! And isn’t it awesome we will see Justin Herbert vs Patrick Mahomes twice each year?! Chargers vs Chiefs is always going to be action packed!



17-14 - NE

Yuck. An absolutely ugly game where both teams were bad offensively. Also definitely called that one! In 2022 a 17-14 game is like watching paint dry or grass grow. In this current phase of the NFL where offensive has been selected as the most important facet of the game, seeing teams struggle to move the ball is straight up NASTY WORK. Now I understand and know The Patriots led by Bill Belichick want to prove a point that coaching is of more importance than personnel, so I can somewhat excuse their weak offensive play. The Steelers on the other hand I will be much more critical of. The Steelers need to make a decision. Sacrifice winning for the development of their young QB, or continue on this mediocre path. I would agree with the former rather than the latter. I understand, and most definitely appreciate Mike Tomlin’s track record of 16 consecutive seasons without ever posting a losing record. I am a Steelers Zealot after all. BUT! At this point we know a few things. The first is being mediocre (meaning winning between 7-9 games per season) in the NFL is almost worse than being trash. If the Steelers let’s say win 8 games this season as an average offensive team they will not make the playoffs and also will not have the ability to select at the top of the draft. I am ready to say it is Kenny Pickett’s time to play. The Steelers chose him over Malik Willis (much to my chagrin) and it is time to put the kid in and see what he has. And if that means Mike T has to go through one or more losing seasons then that’s what it has to be. The team will not ever be successful or high powered with Mitch Kiss Titties starting so just let the kid play.



31-30 - NYJ

A game like this is why the NFL is my favorite sport. Ain’t no telling what wild shit will occur on Any Given Sunday! The Browns were leading the Jets by 2 touchdowns with less than 2 minutes left and the Jets led by Joe Flaccid…I mean Flacco (the least interesting man in the world) came back and won the game! And you dummies blaming Nick Chubb for scoring a TD instead of kneeling down and bleeding the clock must be forgetting that defense (although diminished) matters! If the Browns defense can’t stop Joe Flaccid from scoring 14 points in 2 minutes how is that an offensive players fault?! Y’all funny.



36-27 - DET

The motherfucking Detroit Lions won as a favorite and covered the spread! Making a brother look good on my NFL betting predictions, but as I previewed for you guys in the first NFL season blog, I firmly believed the Lions were building an amazing culture led by Dan Campbell. Hopefully this is the beginning of more prosperity for this historically trash franchise. If the Lions pull off 7 or more victories Campbell should win Coach of the Year fam, seriously. 


TB vs NO- NO

20-10 - TB

As much as it pains me to say, the best rivalry in the NFL is no longer between the Steelers and the Ravens. It is decisively between the Saints and the Buccaneers! These teams are guaranteed for at least one major brawl no matter where the game is played. These Saints defenders love to and can fuck with Brady and the Bucs offense better than any other team in this league. They have the uncanny ability to make them angrier than FlightReacts after he loses on 2K! Haha! The Bucs got this win but lost Mike Evans for 1 game after he used a hit stick on Marshon Lattimore straight from Madden 06 in what seems like the 9th brawl between these teams. I personally thought it was a bogus suspension but it is what it is. This game to me proves that the NFL is ALWAYS better when the two teams playing actually have real animosity toward each other. 



19-16 - NYG

This game was pretty boring but who would have ever guessed the New York Football Giants would start 2-0?! I damn sure didn’t! Beyond the Giants success though, this game was more about the Panthers poor coaching led by Matt Rhule and poor play by the offense. What pisses me off about the NFL the most is the fact teams will not hire coaches of color regardless of qualifications. Matt Rhule was hired from Baylor University in 2020 and since then he has a record of 10 wins and 25 losses, yet guys like Brian Flores, Eric Bieniemy, and Jim Caldwell can’t sniff a head coaching position, and guys like Lovie Smith and Todd Bowles have to scratch and claw for positions. Do you honestly believe Eric Bieniemy couldn’t win 10 fucking games in 2 seasons?! NFL y’all gotta do better fam.



24-0 - JAX

BRO! Who would’ve ever thought the Colts would be this bad?! This shit is comical! Matt Ryan looks FINISHED! FINITO! FERTIG! I really thought he was the answer for this ready to win team, but shit dare I say the Colts would’ve been better with keeping Carson Wentz?! Luckily its only week 2 but this shit is bad. And some Colts fans like my guy A Miller are already throwing this season away. L O L !



42-38 - MIA

My biggest takeaway from this game is how a QB’s limitations can seriously outweigh their strengths. Before the Aaron Rodgers’, Patrick Mahomes’, and Justin Herbert’s of the world came into the NFL, most QB’s were at or around Tua Tagovailoa’s skill level. It was and is still more likely to get a Tua level QB as opposed to a Dan Marino. Yet we are led to believe because Tua isn’t Mahomes that he is trash. Last I checked there was only one Mahomes. The Dolphins though did what you are supposed to do to support your franchise QB. SPEND SOME FUCKING MONEY! Bringing in the Cheetah Tyreek Hill and pairing him with Jaylen Waddle and Mike Gesicki was exactly what the doctor ordered for Tua and this offense. Even after seeing Tua throw for SIX touchdowns and 469 yards I still heard commentary on how Tua isn’t the reason they won and the receivers bailed him out of bad throws. You MFs should be going to the Player Haters Ball with all that negative energy y’all got! For real. Why can we not appreciate the partnership between QB and WR? If you have Tyreek Hill, the Ravens defense doesn’t cover him, and he is 25 yards ahead of the closest defender you CAN afford to under throw him. No one is remotely close to him and 6 points are 6 points! Y’all hating asses can ruin a wet dream I tell you! Keep balling Tua! Also I cannot leave this game without saying this again: Lamar Jackson is still insane bro.



31-27 - LAR

The Rams are slowly breaking out of their Super Bowl hangover, at this point they’ve stopped throwing up but still have a crazy headache haha. The Rams are looking weak on defense, and 2 more interceptions from Stafford are still reasons for concern in LA. But to quote the head coach of the Rams Sean McVay “Unless they tell me that you get more points for being able to win by more points I don't really care. We found a way to be able to get it done…” He’s not wrong about that. 


SEA vs SF - SF

27-7 - SF

Jimmy Garropolo had to be blasting Back Then by Mike Jones in the locker room after this W, because “back then hoes ain’t want em and now he hot and they all on em!” Literally and figuratively haha. Now I will say Jimmy’s great week is a direct correlation to an absolute horrendous week for Trey Lance, starting with his terrible performance in the loss to Chicago week one, continuing with being caught giving back to the community at the strip club, and ending with a season ending ankle injury last Sunday. I believe though that in the long run this will be a positive. It is clear as day that Trey Lance is NOT ready to play and win with this Super Bowl ready roster, and again back to Herbert and Mahomes not every QB is ready to start and compete right away. Though this injury is another setback I do believe sitting and learning more is better for his development, and the 9ers have invested too much into him to give up on him this early. Heal up my brother and comeback stronger next season, we’re all rooting for you like Tyra Banks.




20-17 DAL

Is it possible last season was more of a fluke for the Bengals as opposed to representing a franchise turnaround? It’s definitely debatable. Now one thing that cannot be debated is this Cincinnati offensive line is HOT GARBAGE. The key to victory for Cincy is keeping Joe Sheisty upright and giving him time to throw to Chase, Boyd, and Higgins but he’s constantly under more pressure than Logic! (Corny I Know) I know Micah Parsons is a beast but he was looking like Lawrence fucking Taylor against this Cincy line. The Bengals need to do more to protect their QB and if not Joe Burrow will be another Andrew Luck. Sorry for bringing that up again Colts fans.



16-9 - DEN

Wtf is good Nathaniel Hackett? Here is yet another example of a head coach who gets hired with little or no experience and it is glaring! This shit is a joke. This dude needs to get a fucking grip and fast! Russell Wilson and the offense look terrrrrrrible! In Seattle with significantly less offensive talent Russell never looked this bad. What is more likely to be true? The new coach with zero experience is trash, or Russell Wilson is now black Matt Ryan? I’m placing all the blame at the feet of Nathaniel Hackett. It doesn’t get easier for Denver with San Francisco coming into town let’s see if they can make some improvements.


ARI vs LV - LV

29-23 - ARI

Kyler Murray was out there playing Madden on the Raiders! It seems my guy didn’t need to study as much after all! 


CHI vs GB - GB

27-10 - GB

Aaron and the Packers won, but they played the Bears, meh.



41-7 - BUF

Buffalo is out here looking like the NFL’s Thanos. This team has ALLLLL the got damn Infinity Stones! Josh Allen is making me look worse than Urban Meyer at the sports bar for picking Derek Carr and Russell Wilson as favorites for MVP. My bad Josh! MY BAD!


24-7 - PHI

Kirk Cousins in big games shrivels up faster than SpongeBob and Patrick in Sandy’s fresh air dome without failure! But forget about Kirk, this games was all about the Eagles. Jalen Hurts threw for 333 yards and 1 TD, and also rushed for 57 yards and 2 TDs. I love seeing this brother be successful. Thank you Philadelphia for backing the F up letting this dude play to HIS strengths. Updated MVP front runners: Josh Allen & Jalen Hurts.



IF I WAS A BETTING MAN for Week 3 I’d bet on:



BUF vs MIA - BUF -6.0

I know what you’re thinking. Denzel, I know Buffalo is good but Miami just put up 42 on Baltimore! How could you like Buffalo -6?! Well my rebuttal is simple. Josh Allen has a 7-1 record against the Dolphins, and though the Fins burned the Ravens defense, Buffalo’s defense is a different breeeeeed! I love Buffalo to win and win big.



I love the Over in this one. This game I believe is the perfect storm of desperation for both teams, and more importantly suspect defenses on both sides. Both teams need a W BADLY, and in this game I can see both teams drawing up big plays, going for 4th down conversions, 2 point conversions, and bringing out the trick plays to try and get a W. I can easily see a 34-31 or higher score for this game.


JAX vs LAC - JAX +6.0

No Keenan Allen and a hurting Justin Herbert provides a clear alley for the Jags to cover! If last week was any indication Jacksonville can make a lil noise out here! I’m optimistic for Jacksonville to build on their offensive output from last week and make this game a real challenge for the Chargers.



NFL WEEK 3 Predictions








NO vs CAR - NO




KC vs IND - KC








LV vs TEN - LV








GB vs TB - GB








Thanks for reading! And Happy Football!!



-Denzel Rodgers

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