Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! To The Bronx Bias Blog! This blog space will operate as an extension of the Bronx Bias Podcast. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Denzel, don’t you talk enough on the podcast? Is a blog really even necessary?!” Well that is definitely a valid point. But believe it or not 90 minutes of talking on the show weekly somehow just doesn’t satisfy my insatiable appetite for chatting, so the answer to that question is HELL YEAH this is necessary! 

The Bronx Bias Blog will feature opinion pieces on a diverse array of topics. This platform really will allow me to fully feast on word salad! You will see blogs on sports, music, black culture, fashion, political commentary, and general debauchery. Also the Bronx Bias blog is an open platform! All genders, identities, ethnicities, orientations, religions, and people welcomed! If you want to get your writing out there, feel free to contact me! The more the merrier! Talking shit is a universal language so if you want a place to house your ideas or shit talking the Bronx Bias Blog can be the place for you!


I’m really excited about this new venture and look forward to having y’all read all my crazy opinions and thoughts! And if you enjoy what you read please share, follow me on social media, and subscribe to the podcast! Happy Reading!


"From the Bronx, New York where SHIT happens!"

-Denzel Rodgers


Instagram: @rodgersneighborhood

Twitter: @rodgersnghbrhd

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