What Is Love - Episode 25 featuring Denzel Rodgers

What Is Love - Episode 25 featuring Denzel Rodgers


What's good y'all?!


Check out my sit down interview with Omar McCray of Broken Land TV! Omar McCray is a filmmaker, educator, documentarian, coach, & poet from New York City. Initially we connected when I interviewed Omar on Episode 90 of The Bronx Bias Podcast. In my interview with him we discussed a plethora of things like his path into education and filmmaking, his film style and why he focuses on the topic of love in his films, what Omar's message is and how he interacts his the youth he teaches. After my interview with him on the podcast I was invited to the premiere of Broken Land TV featuring A NYC KID's Ty Thomas and Omar asked if I would like my own feature on his platform. I immediately accepted this offer to be in front of the microphone instead of behind it and we made it happen!



I want to thank my brother Omar for this opportunity and let him know how much I appreciated both conversations across both of our platforms!


Hope you all enjoy the video!


Links to Episode 90- "Fired On My Day Off" of The Bronx Bias Podcast featuring Omar McCray are below!


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